How to shop a Kroger Mega Event



Kroger Mega Event is the best sale without a doubt that Kroger runs. Kroger usually has a mega sale every 4-6 weeks and they run for 2 weeks. You can get items insanely cheap and even free! It’s important to know exactly how to shop a mega sale so you do not mess up your transactions and end up paying way more then you need to.



So, let’s get started!


This particular article will be about a Buy 4 Save $4 on participating products mega sale. Basically, this means for every 4 items you buy that are included under the mega sale, you get an instant $4 off at the register, no questions asked and no coupons needed! You may be thinking, “well I don’t need 4 cans of shaving cream right now” and you don’t have to! As long as you are mix/matching ANY participating products in increments of 4, 8, 12, 16 etc, etc then you are going to get that great discount instantly at the register. It is very important you are paying attention and being accurate on the amount of sale items you are purchasing, because if you were to accidentally only buy 15 items that were included in the mega when you meant to buy 16 items, 3 of your items are going to ring up as FULL price and you are paying way more then you should be. The way I avoid doing this is by separating items in my cart (mega items versus non mega items) and triple count myself before I head to the register.


The best thing about the mega sale, is that you CAN use coupons on top of the already low prices you see, so you are getting double the savings!! Double the savings = more money in your pocket.



This is what the front page of the ad will look like. It will have some of the popular items on sale advertised up front, as well as many more in the other pages of the ad. Kroger always has unadvertised deals that are not pictured in the ad as well. The bottom price in larger font is the price you will be paying (before coupons, if any) AFTER the mega event discounts come off at the register.



In the picture above, Huggies baby wipes have a sale price of $1.99. The red tag indicates that this is a participating item in the Kroger Mega Event, so when you buy 4 items you are getting an instant $4 off no matter what, which is what the $.99 price means. During this sale, a $1/2 Huggies Baby Wipes coupon was available, which means stacking the coupon ON TOP of the $.99 price, you will be getting these baby wipes for only $.49!! Regularly $1.99! That is way over a 50% savings on baby wipes alone, and even if you do not have little ones you can use baby wipes for pretty much anything especially when they are CHEAP!!


Let’s do another example.



In the picture above, Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner are on sale for $2.99 and they are also apart of the Buy 4 Save $4 mega sale (red tag shown) which drops their price to $1.99 each. During this sale, a $2/2 Herbal Essence shampoo/conditioner coupon was available. Stacking the coupon ON TOP of the $1.99 price, you will be getting these bottles for only $.99 each!! These retail for over $3 so you are saving over 50% each. $1 each for a bottle of Shampoo or Conditioner is most definitely a stock up price making this a great deal.



  • Make sure you have a FREE Kroger card before checking out or you will not get the discounts.
  • This article was about a Buy 4 Save $4 sale, which means you buy in increments increasing of 4 as discussed. Kroger changes their mega sales, so if the current sale is a Buy 5 Save $5, you buy in increasing increments of 5. (5,10,15) If it were a Buy 10 Save $5, you buy in increasing increments of 10 (10,20,30) and so on and so forth no matter what the sale is for.
  • Separate your cart from mega sale items versus non mega sale items.
  • Read your coupons thoroughly to make sure you are using them on the correct item or else they will not work.
  • Be friendly to the cashier when you get to the register.
  • Have your coupons clipped and ready to go when you get to Kroger.


Updated October 2017